Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf let us follow him around for a few days this summer while finishing up a piece on Bowery and preparing for one of his infamous Cosmic Cavern parties in his studio.

Kenny’s career has spanned over 30 years, first gaining prominence in the early 80′s New York art scene with good friend and roommate Keith Haring, who he started the Cosmic Closet parties with. At first the parties were held in their closet with black lights and trash found on the streets. Eventually outgrowing closets, the parties now take place in the basement of his Brooklyn studio. He let us check into his pre party rituals, painting himself and friends surrounded by literally piles and piles of costumes.

Kenny’s daughter, Malia is currently working on the first full length documentary on his career. Our short piece was partly inspired by their relationship. For more information on her project check out her kickstarter page at